Monday, March 10, 2014

Poem : Garbage of Development

An empty bottle of mustard oil
is lying next to an empty bottle of whiskey

A two hundred milliliter bottle of cold drink
is lying under one liter bottle of mineral water

A lot of empty packets of noodles
which are cooked within two minutes
are lying closely
Skins of vegetables and fruits are peeping through the gaps

Crumbled chocolate wrappers are shaking with fear
They are trying to escape the garbage with the help of a gust

Empty packets of cigarettes and pastilles are fighting
accusing each other of spreading foul smell

This place shows that despite the government's best efforts and laws
Polyethylene bags are used indiscriminately

A cow is eating polyethylene bags with refuse

A stray dog is chewing mutton bones
The dog doesn't know that the taste he is enjoying
is actually the taste of his blood seeping through his gums

A few dirty skeletons are searching for their lives in the garbage

On a nearby road
common man is trying to escape the garbage ASAP
because it is impossible for him to bear with the smell

Standing next to the garbage a poet spits on it
and walks away
He will surly break the person's head
who tells him that by spitting on the garbage
he has only increased its volume

It is the garbage of development

Friday, March 29, 2013

Poem : Action Reaction

Every action
Has an equal and opposite reaction

Sometimes reaction is obvious
Sometimes it is stored inside
In the form of internal stresses

Inside a body when these stresses
Cross the body’s ultimate strength
Usually it breaks with a blast
Causing damage to nearby areas

Look back carefully
Which of your ugly actions
Did not have obvious reactions

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poem : Mother

Not long ago I was your mother
But now to you I am a body another  

Because, though it might have been in anger
It might have been to curse others
You have learned to create new words
By adding invectives to the word `Mother’

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Poem : Lovers' Dictionary

Respiration means Tongue
Eyes mean Lips
Face means Book
Lips mean Skin
Skin Means Soul
I and You are meaningless words
We means the world
Love means God

Yesterday I purchased Lovers’ dictionary from a junk dealer

Monday, August 6, 2012

Poem : System

Mosquito blows the whistle
System kills it with one stone
Calls media and shows to them
Starving mosquito’s blood claiming its own

Mosquito raises a gun
Malaria, Malaria shouts the System
On clean water sprinkles poison

Parts of its body start rebellion
System shows fear of infection
Cuts and incinerates one by one      
And immediately adds new ones

No bone marrow the System has
To survive it drinks the blood
That we willingly donate

For every disease System has a cure
Every new virus only reinforces
Its defense mechanism

System is invincible
System rules the world
It was born in the sharpest and dirtiest minds
Of the race which once ruled the world.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Poem : Nuclear fission and fusion

Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
Have almost been discovered together

We first learned
Using energy of fission however

To survive and to remain human
We need to learn using fusion energy
As soon as possible

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poem : Slowly hums the rain

Slowly hums the rain
All those songs that I used to sing for you
Cricket and frog compose background music

Light reflected from the wet road is your laughter

To love you was like driving in a rain storm
It was a curse to survive the accident

To live without you is to live without limbs

Wet night jasmine is not even your wet nail

Lights going out one by one on wet mountain
Are the ornaments I took off one by one

The rain has stopped and the roads are drying
Please rain once more before my soul dehydrates crying

Poem : Sin, Cos, Tan

Sin, cos, tan….
Many curves come and join hands

Innumerable integrations are done
To calculate exact area and volume of different parts

To account for the rate of change of various moving points
With the intake of air
Countless functions are differentiated

My mind burns millions of Calories
To make your living model in my dreams

Give it some reward of the mammoth work
Stay a few moments before you leave

Poem : You and Me

You and me
We are like
Steel and Concrete

I bear tension of money making
You bear pressure of home making

That’s how O! my dear wife
Together we take load of life

Each one of us, bear same load
Together, we can face

Storm, rain, earthquake, fire and heat
Or whatever is there on life’s road