Monday, March 10, 2014

Poem : Garbage of Development

An empty bottle of mustard oil
is lying next to an empty bottle of whiskey

A two hundred milliliter bottle of cold drink
is lying under one liter bottle of mineral water

A lot of empty packets of noodles
which are cooked within two minutes
are lying closely
Skins of vegetables and fruits are peeping through the gaps

Crumbled chocolate wrappers are shaking with fear
They are trying to escape the garbage with the help of a gust

Empty packets of cigarettes and pastilles are fighting
accusing each other of spreading foul smell

This place shows that despite the government's best efforts and laws
Polyethylene bags are used indiscriminately

A cow is eating polyethylene bags with refuse

A stray dog is chewing mutton bones
The dog doesn't know that the taste he is enjoying
is actually the taste of his blood seeping through his gums

A few dirty skeletons are searching for their lives in the garbage

On a nearby road
common man is trying to escape the garbage ASAP
because it is impossible for him to bear with the smell

Standing next to the garbage a poet spits on it
and walks away
He will surly break the person's head
who tells him that by spitting on the garbage
he has only increased its volume

It is the garbage of development

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